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IT Internship

  • Riga, Latvia
€800 per monthIIP

Job description


Being the daughter company of Swisscom - leading telecommunications company and one of the most sustainable and innovative companies in Switzerland - we share the same values, vision and goals.

Our ambition – to become the #1 DevOps team in Europe by the end of 2025! We work on innovative and challenging projects that use "state of the art tech" in an Agile environment. As DevOps engineers, we understand the equal importance of relationships, culture, soft skills, and collaborative working in a friendly environment.

Our promise

At Swisscom, we promise you that you will learn a lot of different things during your internship. With more than 40 nationalities working at our company, we are used to diversity and all its perks. We provide a professional and fun atmosphere in which to work and unwind. At Swisscom, it is the combination of your individual expertise and teamwork that will help us succeed. We respect each other, help each other out, and are not afraid to make mistakes. We make sure you can be the best version of yourself. Always.

Our story

Curiosity is one of the most helpful traits that will keep you sharp and optimistic. We stimulate that trait in every aspect of our daily work. Switzerland’s leader in telecommunications, known as Swisscom, continues to invest in future talents. We believe that these future professionals help to shape our world and the way we do our business. 

Internship duration: 6 months

Salary: 800 EUR (gross)

Employment type: Full time or Part time

The team: You will work in an international team with colleagues from Switzerland, Rotterdam, and Riga.

Start date: September 2, 2024

This internship provides you the opportunity to work on one of the following projects for which you can find some more information below. Please indicate in your application your preferred project. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your preferred project. We therefore reserve the right to assign you to another project, if your first choice is already filled.

Job requirements


1. Security event filter & enricher
We're working on a project that grabs events from multiple applications and depending on the data in the incident, filters and enriches them with additional information from other systems to make sure as few falsepositives as possible reach the final user for remediation.
Must haves:
Python, Kubernetes, Git
Nice to have:
JavaScript, CSS, UX/UI

2. Niantic Modron Evaluation for Cloud Security Compliance
At Swisscom we're all about data and how do we make sure we protect the data so that it meets legal regulations. With our move to the cloud there's a stronger push to offer solutions that can alert Software Engineers or DevOps that something isn't right and should be corrected. While Swisscom has no shortage of tools that offer CSPM or CNAPP, we would like to offer a basic service for customers internal but especially external. Thus, we would like to test Niantic's open-source solution, Modron, with AWS, Azure and also possibly internal K8s clusters.
Must haves:

Kubernetes, AWS, Go
Nice to have:

Docker, Git, JavaScript

3. SRE Basics: SLIs & SLOs for compliance Apps
At Swisscom we're all about data, and the how and who has access to the data. Our approach to make sure the data meets the Security &
Compliance standards internally is to use a combination of 1st party, internally developed tools, and 3rd party, vendor provided, tools, that
often times have some satellite projects around them.
Must haves:

Grafana, Python, SRE Principles
Nice to have:

Docker, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Networking SMTP

4. Enable performance/load test on top of CRM Micro Services:
The Swisscom Main CRM System expose different micro services which are crucial in the e2e customer journey. Goal will be to define, setup and pipeline and establish the execution of load and performance test on top of this interface.
Must haves:
Java, CI/CD
Nice to have:


1. Login Account Hub - a place where dreams about Multi Factor Authentication with Angular and Java come true!

As an intern working on the IAM solution Login account hub, you will have the opportunity to contribute towards building a centralised platform for users to manage their account data. This project offers valuable hands-on experience in IAM systems and user interface design. You will collaborate with a team of experts, gaining insights and learning best practices. You will also implement authentication mechanisms like multi-factor authentication. This internship will equip you with practical skills in software development and user management.

Must haves: 

JavaScript knowledge and good logical and analytical thinking, some hands-on programming experience

Nice to have: 

JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, CI/CD, Java


1. A Microservice-Powered Gateway with Frontend Interface for Seamless Customer Access Management
Craft a Java, Spring Boot microservice gateway, linking a dynamic Angular frontend to backend ecosystems. Innovate with Jest, Playwright tests, and transition to GitLab, embracing DevOps. Master monitoring with Grafana, Prometheus, Splunk. Shape the future of secure access management!
Must haves:
Java, Angular, SpringBoot, GitLab platform knowledge or experience with GitHub, BitBucket
Nice to have:
CI/CD, Splunk, Grafana, JavaScript, TypeScript, jUnit testing framework for backend, jest testing framework for frontend, prometheus for monitoring, OIDC protocol.

2. Automating Swisscom's Free and Open-Source Software Contribution Processes
Internship Alert: Spice up FOSS Automation! Get hands-on with Microservices, Microfrontend, and DevOps services. Dive deep into
GitHub's public API and Backend for Frontend to streamline contributor management. Join us in fostering collaborative software development!
Must haves:

DB, Git, Golang (Motivation is a must, but skills in any programming language are fine)
Nice to have:

Docker, Angular, Splunk, CI/CD

1. DevOps Engineer with focus on Kubernetes
We are monitoring VNFs(virtual network functions) that are running in the cloud. The number of devices and the number of interfaces to monitor are constantly increasing. We would like to bring our platform to the next level in terms of scalability, rolling updates and usability. Therefore we are planning to start with a test-setup on Kubernetes. We will get Kubernetes as a service platform in our Swisscom internal cloud. Docker will be used as runtime.The monitoring is mainly done with SNMP and ICMP Ping. As a DevOps Engineers, you would contribute to architecture, implement and lately operate the solution on Kubernetes. As we are in a green field, we expect to have a lot of fun and to learn many new things.
Must haves:
Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD
Nice to have:
Grafana, Git, Kafka

2. GitLab pipeline libraries
With the migration from BitBucket to GitLab we need to refactor our Microservice and Starter library pipeline code to native GitLab pipeline
code. You code product features, we do the rest. Our libraries takes care of all steps from integration, testing, security scans, delivery and
Must haves:

Python, Java, CI/CD
Nice to have:

JavaScript, Git, SpringBoot, AWS, Groovy, GitLab


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How we hire

Our hiring process is thorough, to ensure we make the right decision and to help you to decide if we're the right fit for you.

Getting to know you

In the first call, let our Talent Acquisition specialist learn about you and your story to check a potential fit. This is also a chance for you to ask questions about Swisscom.

Meet the team

In this meeting, your future team takes a deeper dive into your experience and what you could bring to the team. You can expect questions on how knowledgeable you are in your area. This is a chance for you to ask questions about the role and responsibilities.

Technical Round

In this round, you get the chance to show off your technical skills to your future team.

HR/Soft-skills interview

You made it to the very last stage! Here we get to know you on a personal level as well as answer any questions you might have.

Have questions?

Get in touch with our Talent Acquisition specialist!

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